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GitHub Repository100%command-busJava implementation of the Command-Bus pattern for Spring and CDI 
GitHub Repository80%
Worst health: Cloudogu » continuous-delivery-slides » master: Build stability: 1 out of the last 5 builds failed.80
continuous-delivery-slidesContinuously deliver your presentations to Kubernetes, Maven Sites (Nexus) or GitHub Pages 
GitHub Repository100%hello-k8sDemo image to deploy to a Kubernetes cluster. Displays message, pod name, app version & node details 
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Worst health: Cloudogu » jenkinsfiles » 10a-scripted: Build stability: All recent builds failed.0
jenkinsfilesExamples for jenkins pipelines, comparing scripted and declarative syntax 
GitHub Repository100%k8s-appops-security-talksResources for talks on Kubernetes appOps Security 
GitHub Repository100%k8s-intro-talkSlides for an intro talk to kubernetes 
GitHub Repository100%k8s-security-3-thingsResources for talks on Kubernetes appOps Security 
GitHub Repository40%
Worst health: Cloudogu » reveal.js-docker » master: Build stability: 3 out of the last 5 builds failed.40
reveal.js-dockerDocker images providing easier to use, opinionated reveal.js web apps - web-based slides/presentations 
GitHub Repository100%reveal.js-docker-exampleAdvanced example for using web-based slides/presentations via cloudogu/reveal.js-docker 
GitHub Repository20%
Worst health: Cloudogu » versionName » feature/fix_reading_from_properties: Build stability: 4 out of the last 5 builds failed.20
versionNameA tiny Java library that allows for conveniently reading the version name of an application 
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